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Xinxiang Hexie Feed Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd
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Group Profile Xinxiang Hexie Group was established in 1992, occupying a total area of approximately 100,000 square meters and it is a diversified high-tech enterprise, engaged in research, production, sales and technical service of Feed Machinery, breeding equipment and veterinary preparations. Its subsidiaries include Xinxiang Hexie Feed Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, Xinxiang Hexie Smart Breeding Equipment Co.,Ltd and Xinxiang Hexie Animal Pharmacy Co.,Ltd. Hexie Group provides a comprehensive, systematic and high-quality solutions for agriculture and husbandry industry, trying to build a grand blueprint of [Harmonious world, world Hexie". Developing rapidly, Hexie Group is in close collaboration with many universities and research institutes ,such as University of Ontario, Central China University of Agricultural, Henan University of Technology, Henan Institute of Science and Technology and other high-tech research institutions. We have more than 2.000 employees, among whom there are more than 50 experts, professors and engineers. College graduates account for more than 80% of all staff members. Our group has introduced advanced office management systems, such as OA, ERP, PLM, to achieve leap-forward development. More than 20 years, the group marketing network covers the whole country in various provinces, autonomous regions, and its business has spread to South-East Asia, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, America and other 30 countries and regions, and won great trust from its customers. Welcome friends from all over the world to come for visit. In future development, it will always stick to [Technology as the guidance", [Quality for survival" ,[Market as the basis", [Customer as the center", [People-oriented", striving to lead industry development and to make great contribution to the development of animal husbandry in China and around the world.
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  • Control and operation of extrusion process The control and operation of extruder is the most difficult in feed processing equipment. Because there are many factors affecting the quality of extruded products, they affect each other. And the effect of the results can`t be reflected immediately, but with a certain lag. If the operation is slightly improper and there is no timely adjustment, the production will not be able to proceed normally. Therefore, extruder operators must be trained. They must master the working principle and production theory of extruder. Operators need to be able to directly control and adjust the variables such as raw material composition, feed quantity, water content, temperature and pressure of the extrusion chamber and screw speed according to the changes through practical operation training, so as to ensure that the products can meet the requirements of quality standards. First. The variables in the extrusion process There are two main types of variables in the extrusion process: 1. The independent variables They are given by the operator and do not change due to changes in other parameters. The independent variables that have a direct impact on the product during the extrusion process are: (1) Composition of raw materials
  • Extrusion extruder process First. Extrusion extruder production process The complete extrusion process includes: Cleaning the raw materials------Crushing------ Ingredients------Mixture------Feeding------Modulation------Extrusion------Drying------After spraying------Cooling------Packaging production. Some equipment can be shared with other equipment in the whole process. Such as cleaning, crushing, ingredients, mixing, magnetic separation, etc. Some processes and equipment can also be based on product requirements and process arrangements without setting, such as drying, after spraying, etc. Generally used wet expansion should be equipped with a dryer and cooler. And the use of dry expansion only configuration cooler can be. The extruder usually has its own feeder and conditioner. The performance of the conditioner plays an important role in the extrusion process. When the material is strongly stirred with the injected steam and hot water in the conditioner, the purpose of increasing water content, improving the material and softening the material is achieved. The time that the material stays in the single-layer and single-axis conditioner is generally only 15-20 seconds, so the added steam and moisture cannot be too much, otherwise the thermal refining effect will be poor. With the use of a dual shaft differential speed conditioner, a mass adjustment time of about 180 seconds can be achieved. Can add more steam and water, water can fully penetrate into the material, so that the material humidification, heating, soft, modulation effect to achieve better. Because of the better tempering performance of th
  • Classification of extruder 1. By functional characteristics It can be divided into single-function extruder and multi-function extruder. Single-function extruder is simple in structure, parameters can`t be changed at will, it is specially designed for a single product, large limitations, poor adaptability (mostly small extruder). And multi-function extrusion function through the change of some parameters and parts such as screw, barrel, the replacement of die head, implement different requirements of length to diameter ratio, compression ratio, shape of die hole, hole area, screw rotation, the change of the process factors such as temperature, pressure, which can meet various demands, is suitable for the production of various products. 2. By processing method It can be divided into dry expansion and wet expansion. Dry puffing is a kind of extruded puffing without water or external heating, which simply depends on the heat generated by the friction between the material and the extruder screw and the cylinder wall. Because soybeans contain a lot of oil, they lubricate well. Dry puffing machine has simple structure and low price, but it is difficult to operate, the extrusion temperature is not easy to control, the nutrition damage is large, and the energy consumption is large and the yield is low. With the development of extrusion technology, there are more and more types of processed materials, and the performance difference is also very big. Many materials have low oil content, low water content and poor fluidity, so they c
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